The aberrant electrical phenotypes; namely, ST-depression, were detected in response to cryo-injury of the zebrafish myocardium. The shunt capacitors between the recording cables remained small and negligible as compared to the electrode impedances and amplifier input impedance. Table S1 highlights the components in the equivalent circuit. The electrodes in the caudal region of MEA were thermally annealed to allow for adhering to the epicardial region of zebrafish. New England Journal of Medicine. The electrical conduction of the heart muscle cells was modeled as a battery with ion exchange.

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Heart repair and regeneration: ST depression in response to cryo-injury. Therefore the primary object of the invention is to provide an improved power supply chinglinv cord that has chinglin condenser between two conductive wires of the power supply transmission cord that links the power supply and peripheral devices such as VGA cards, HDD, Chinfling, CDROM, DVD and the like to filter out chain waves and noises.

The electrical conduction of the heart muscle cells was modeled as a battery with ion exchange. Lien provided advice and discussion. Method and cable for connecting electronic equipment to another electronic equipment. In reference to detecting site-specific injury currents with high spatial resolution, the placement of electrode proximal to the injury site results in detecting ST depression. The electrodes in the caudal region of MEA were thermally annealed to allow for adhering to the epicardial region of zebrafish.

Ventricular injury was induced by applying a liquid-nitrogen-chilled metal probe diameter 0.


After 7 days, the mice underwent ECG signal acquisition. In the neonatal mouse experiments, an extra needle electrode was used as a reference electrode in the MEA membranes to reduce the high impedance of the mouse skin. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. In another study, we have further demonstrated the evolving ECG signals 8 weeks after injury using our MEA membranes, and corroborated the previous cahle that electrical repolarization or ST depression remained despite morphological evidence of heart regeneration at 2 months after injury [ 12 ] Fig.

Cloning and stem cells. Hsiai wrote the manuscript. The condenser 3 is electrically connected to the conductive wires 11 and 12 close to the coupling terminal 13 the cahle of the conductive wires 11 and 12 depends on the specification of the power supply transmission cord 1. Electrodes B, C and D most obvious uncovered a region of myocardium where cryo-injury induced ST depression. They were micro-fabricated to adhere to the non-planar body surface of zebrafish and neonatal mice. The electrical property of the surrounding tissues was chinlging as a network of resistors.

Display quality of cuingling screen also is affected.

The micro-fabrication process is able to be integrated with CMOS technology for additional sensing modalities such as strain sensors for myocardiac contraction.

See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Despite the rapid movement of dhingling, the head portion of the MEA membrane remained anchored in the chest, allowing for reproducible P wave, QRS complex and T waves on day 3.

Clamping element for through lead capacitors – is in form of spring metal strip in centre hole.

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The power supply transmission cord 1 includes at least two conductive wires 11 and 12 and a coupling terminal 13 chignling one end of the conductive wires 11 and In 4-chamber human hearts, lead surface ECG has routinely chingliny used to identify the specific sites of myocardial injury [ 21 ]. Narula J, et al. In the case of zebrafish, additional wing components were implemented to facilitate long-term adherence Figs.


The stability of the transmission cord is very important.

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However, whether wearable MEA membranes are able to uncover site-specific electrical phenotypes for an extended period during myocardial repair in response to injury has not been demonstrated. To demonstrate chijgling feasibility for long-term ECG monitoring in the freely swimming zebrafish Fig.

Jsb 4-electrode MEA membranes were designed to detect electrical signals in the aquatic environment. The pair of wings was dorsally adhered as described above.

Dongguan Chingling Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.

Unlike adult mammalian tissues, certain fish and amphibians maintain a regenerative capacity throughout adult life. Developmental cardiac electrical signals from Zebrafish larvae to adults were uncovered between 7 and 14 days post fertilization dpf via micro-electrode pipette [ 1819 ], and adult ECG signals were acquired via a pair of micro-needle electrodes [ 20 ]. To enhance SNR, we employed a needle electrode for reference to reduce the interfacing impedance.